Craig Mazin , writer and producer of the HBO adaptation of The Last of Us , has assured in a recent interview that the television series will have among its footage a moment of great impact in the video game that was never seen.

«It will leave you with your mouth open» , assured the creator of Chernobyl in a talk with Must Watch , a British BBC program, now echoed by Comic Book. «Of course, we have to. No one can stop me from doing it. They would have to shoot me [to stop me],» added the screenwriter without offering details about the protagonists and the context of this mysterious scene from the Naughty Dog title.

No one can prevent me from including it. They would have to shoot me Craig Mazin Possibly the HBO adaptation of the Naughty Dog video game contains more previously unreleased material from the video game as well as other homegrown material for the occasion. Craig Mazin, however, in that same interview, commented that was working with Neil Druckmann to expand the story , filling in any gaps. «The changes we are making are designed to expand it, fill in gaps. It is not about undoing anything, but about improving it,» explained the director of Superhero Movie.

The adaptation continues in the pre-production phase without having views on when it could start filming and reach the small screen, something quite unpredictable in these days of global health crisis, although at the time it was exposed that this could start once The Last of Us: Part II will hit stores .

About the last installment of the saga, at analysis of The Last of Us: Part II Álvaro Castellano told us that we were in a video game that hurts, like life. Now this production receives new incentives to be enjoyed again or for the first time with the arrival of an update that we detailed yesterday in 3DJuegos.