despite the restrictions imposed by the chinese government, NetEase is enjoying a historic year in terms of gains on the sale of video games, and one of the main culprits of this has been Minecraft, which since it was premiered in the asian country in August of 2017, it has already surpassed the barrier of the 200 million users. Has more merit if we take into account that the video game Monjang is celebrating its ten years of life.

"The 200 million registered players is a brand that is incredibly spectacular if one takes into account that the game takes in China less than two years. Only gaming laptops have been able to reach 200 million users in that period of time", highlights one of the main analysts of the firm Niko Partners, the well-known Daniel Ahmad. Precisely has made allusion to the popular Arena of Values, who achieved this mark of 200 million in just a year.

The good performance of the last games of NetEase has allowed the chinese company to triple year after year its economic results, generating, by 2018, more than 31 billion dollars according to Niko Partners.