Improve the security of open source software. That is the goal of OpenSSF, an acronym for the Open Source Security Foundation , which since its inception has the support of prominent members of the technology community.

It will combine the efforts of the Basic Infrastructure Initiative of the Linux Foundation, which has been the announced its training, with those of the Open Source Security Coalition from GitHub and other works from GitHub itself and from Google, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, NCC Group, OWASP Foundation, and Red Hat.

Along with them, other founding members of the OpenSSF are ElevenPaths, GitLab, HackerOne, Intel, Okta, Purdue, SAFECode, StackHawk, Trail of Bits, Uber and VMware. They all shape a community that will commit to best practices.

«We believe that open source is a public good and in all industries we have a responsibility to come together to improve and support the security of the open source software that we all depend on,» declares Jim Zemlin, CEO of the Linux Foundation, at a time when open source has spread across devices, data centers, and services.

«Ensuring open source security is one of the most important things we can do and requires everyone, around the world, to help out in the effort,» Zemlin continues. «OpenSSF will provide that forum for a truly collaborative effort across industries» .

OpenSSF wants security officers to be able to understand and verify the security of the chain of dependencies that characterizes open source.