The consoles of new generation, are very promising. Both PlayStation 5 such as the Xbox Series X have already offered you a few technical details of its benefits, with a jump of power is quite considerable. However, there are still a lot of speculation around specific elements such as the SSD PS5, and its influence at the design level. There are developers it is considered a great leap, and experts believe that its effect will not be as great as we hope. Although for the responsible of Quantum League, this piece will bring great changes to the design of the games.

Nimble Giant Entertainment are the authors of Quantum League, a shooter competitive with temporary loops that probably I sound of the last Indie World of Nintendo. Now, its designer, Balthazar Auger has spoken with GamingBolt about the hardware of new generation, where it considers that the SSD PS5 will mean a change in the design paradigm long-term: "Well, first you probably help with load times but, speaking as a designer of levels and games, what is likely to bring this time is a change in the paradigm in terms of how we structure our worlds, and how they are detailed".

Image PlayStation 5