beyond the video game displayed one of the main topic of conversation in recent days has been the design of PlayStation 5, which has amazed fans with his bid for the white, and a futuristic style. Such was the impact of his presentation, that in 3DJuegos I asked what do you like the design of the PS5?, and in general, most have given the nod to the aesthetics of the new Sony console, not to debate long and hard about it.

Too different to the canons of the current design, but also in the style of SonyArgayOf the more than 2,000 people who have participated in this survey, more than 1,200 have voted in favour of the design of the new console, but also the options of the "I do Not like" and "Is well but not finished to convince me" have had enough votes; almost about 400 people for each of the two options. "I Think that the design facilitates ventilation, not as much as in the Xbox Series X, but it does more than the ps4. For what other", says Rost96, "for my taste too futuristic, even though it is not bad at all".

Image PlayStation 5