The South Korean company says it has had excellent figures with orders for its new smartphone.


As can be seen from the data published by Samsung, its mobile phone Galaxy S8 has exceeded the number of reserved terminals by that of the previous generation .

From Reuters point out that some investors and Analysts have been very optimistic about the sales generated by the Galaxy S8, and predict that will break a record in its first year on sale .

Koh Dong-jin, head of Samsung’s mobile business, said that “data from terminal reservations that have started in various areas around the world have yielded better results than expected > ”.

In addition, the executive has commented that the S8 will be the safest smartphone in the Galaxy family , having measures to avoid battery problems such as those in Note 7, which made The devices explode.

At the moment in the South Korean brand they are hopeful about the recovery of user confidence , but they warn that process does not occur overnight, and they are aware that < strong> it will take time to achieve it .