The South Korean company has recognized the incidents and explained how mobile phones can be fixed.


After the fiasco with the Galaxy Note 7 in Samsung they were aware that they needed to avoid mistakes on their mobile star, the Galaxy S8 .

Unfortunately for the Seoul company, problems have appeared on the screens of the first users who already enjoy the new terminal .

Specifically, some Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have a red tint on their screens , a bug that is not sitting well with consumers who are suffering.

Neil Shah, an analyst at Counterpoint Research, recalls that it is the first mobile to use “Deep Red” OLED technology, and the problem could be due to a software failure when calibrating colors , report at Cnet .

From Samsung they have told South Korean media that is not a screen quality problem , ensuring that it can be fixed from the phone’s settings menu.

Also, do not forget that Samsung lives turbulent times in its corporate address, since its president has been jailed since last February for a corruption scandal in South Korea.