In general terms, it can be said that the Sonic movie starring Jim Carrey has been a success. Both the critics and the global box office in theaters have been on his side. So much so that the project for Sonic: The Movie 2 , which will hit the billboards in 2022. But this victory for the SEGA blue hedgehog has not been widespread because, After its recent premiere in China, it has been a hit.

The film was scheduled to premiere on February 28, but the closure of theaters due to COVID-19 forced a delay in the release date. With the situation somewhat more under control, cinemas have reopened in the Asian country with security measures , such as 30% of maximum capacity, an empty seat between each person, temperature controls or The ban on bringing food or drink.

Two weeks after the premiere of Sonic The Movie in China, only has raised 2.5 million dollars in the eastern territory. A figure that is far from the 146 million harvested in the US, where it has become one of the highest grossing video game films in history . Or the $ 305 million profit worldwide with the big screen adaptation of the blue hedgehog.

You might think that the fear of going to public places due to the coronavirus or the restrictions imposed by the rooms have affected the bad result. But if we compare it with premieres like the war movie 1917 , recently also released in China and with a revenue of 5.3 million dollars in just three days, it can be said that Sonic was rings have fallen in Chinese cinemas.