In total, Adecco foresees that the signatures of contracts in Spain are higher than the million between November 2017 and January 2018.

With the arrival of Christmas will increase hiring in Spain.

According to forecasts presented by Adecco and its division Adecco Outsourcing during the months of November, December and January there will be more than 1 million hires. And this is all a historical landmark. In particular, it is estimated that the signatures of contracts “sunset provision” will be above the figure of 1.083.400, which is 14.7 % more year-on-year. Therefore, the christmas campaign of recruitment will be “very positive”.

And, “if well is very closely linked to the seasonality of the campaign, is a door of entry to the labour market, which may be the access to a stable job”, indicates Luis Miguel Jiménez, commercial director of Adecco Outsourcing. In fact, a quarter of the contracts should be maintained beyond this christmas campaign.

Here highlight sectors such as distribution, and the retail, logistics and transport or the customer, for example.

Adecco anticipates that the sector of the Contact Center will increase hiring by 30 %, filling vacancies at the level of telemarketers and telesales to telecommunications issues, telemarketing or commercial banking.

And, as the Christmas sales are linked to both the physical stores as merchants online, it is estimated that contracts for platforms that give coverage to the eCommerce will rise on a 25 %.