Total turnover has been 23,441 million euros.


The Spanish Information Technology market closed the year 2016 with an annual growth of 3.3%, as revealed by the annual report of AMETIC, the employers’ firm home technology.

The amount generated by the segment was 23,441 million euros. The vast majority of turnover came through IT Services, with revenues of 15,963 million euros (5.2% more than a year before); followed by the Software with 3,099 million euros of turnover, which represents an annual increase of 3.6%.

Growth is explained by various reasons. The popularity of productivity and competitiveness applications (especially among SMEs) and Cloud services have favored the increase in Software revenues.

Regarding the good health of IT Services, AMETIC has cited the growth of GDP and the Spanish economy as drivers of investment in IT projects and implementation of investment plans, especially in the Banking sector , Energy and Industry.

The Hardware segment contracted 3.4% to 4,379 million euros . The growing commitment to Cloud and the sales stop because the renewal of equipment reached a peak in 2015, have been some of the factors that explain this behavior.

Despite the positive results, the Employers have highlighted that in comparison with data from 2010 and 2008, the total turnover is similar and even lower, respectively.

The factors that have negatively affected the sector in 2016 have been the political instability and the delay in the process of government formation, said those responsible for the study. On the other hand, the process of digital transformation in which companies are has favored their investment.

Industry, Banking and the Insurance sector have been the most active, they have revealed since the Employers.

The ICT sector already generates 200,000 direct jobs in Spain.