experts believe that “soon” this malware could “to become one of the greatest cyber threats to the users of the network”.

The malware Trickbot have ballots to become a big headache. So you think S2 Group, whose Lab Malware has published the “I Report Malware” focused on the evolution of this banker trojan.

In less than half a year, Trickbot already has reached the version number seventeen. Experts warn about the speed of their development, and the fact that is already the main ciberamenza for the banking sector. “we Thought it was a virus that was in an early stage of development” said Miguel A. Juan, managing partner of S2 Group, but it has been proven that “it evolves at a pace really fast”.

For example, it is increasingly difficult to detect it because the program is loaded the virus will not be marked with descriptive names like in the beginning.

it should Be noted that the potential of Trickbot does not end at the environment bank. And that is an additional concern. “while it is true that your main goal and behavior, focuses on users of online banking”, says José Rosell, partner-director at S2 Group, “to be a trojan modular has capabilities that attackers could use for other purposes, such as the exfiltration of documents”.

“This means that in a short time Trickbot can become one of the greatest cyber threats to the users of the network”, predicts Rosell.

Trickbot expands their infections through the email, with the help of attachments, and also taking advantage of vulnerabilities in the navigation by the network. Among its capabilities are the injection of code into other applications to finish by controlling information.

the united States, China, Zambia, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Romania and Ukraine are the main countries from which it operates this trojan, according to S2 Group. While, its main objectives are found in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, united States, Israel and Ireland.