The agency of privacy in the United Kingdom paralyzes the controversial measure announced by the social network in August.

last summer WhatsApp was harshly criticised after revealing that the data of the mobile phone numbers of its users would be share with Facebook.

Now it was known that the regulator of the privacy Uk has come to an important agreement with the messaging platform, so that will share data with the social network.

On Facebook commented that with those data extracted from the users of WhatsApp, may provide better ads to internet users that used its platform.

fears that consumers will not receive adequate protection in terms of privacy information, have been the main reason for the opposition to the measure taken by WhatsApp.

Elizabeth Denham, Commissioner Information, in the Uk, has pointed out in a press release that “does not believe that the users have sufficient information about what you plan to do Facebook with your data”.

in Addition, it criticises the fact that “WhatsApp has not obtained a valid way consent of the users to use that information,”, noting that “these should always have control over how your information is used, and not only have a window of 30 days”.