At this point, needless to say, as a trademark, The Witcher is a success and, with this in mind, the portal Gizmodo decided to interview the author of the books: Andrzej Sapkowski, who was very frank in referring to the adaptation of Netflix, but also to video games, through with which seems to have a complicated relationship, but that turns out to be very different as to compare it with other forms of entertainment.

Are too different in their approach, realization, and objective"I can Not compare anything with video games because I have never played one.", confessed to the author of the successful books. "I did Not play any game, not even when I was a child —with the exception of poker or bridge of contract. Video games simply are not for me, I prefer the books as entertainment. As it is, in my opinion, the series and the game, —whatever— can’t be compared. They are too different in their approach, execution, and goal. You can not compare spaghetti carbonara with a bike, even if both have advantages and disadvantages."

With regard to the series of Netflix, Sapkowski said that it would have to be a moron to criticize that which is not adapted correctly, but neither wanted to give her praise because, he said, it would be indecent to do so when he leads his name in the credits.

The author limited himself to say that the production process took him by surprise from many angles. "believe it or not, when I write, I do not see images. It is not a visual process for me. I only see letters and working with letters, so when I see the display of my work, whether it be in comics, games or movies, sometimes it surprises me a lot. Often in a positive way.", he said, although he also confessed not to have participated much in the process, because they do not like to work and neither wanted to interfere in the artistic vision of others. "I do Not like to work very hard or long. By the way, I don’t like working at all."

The series of The Witcher on Netflix had very good acceptance among fans , revived the commercial success of the games and already deserved the books a reprint of half a million copies. The second season will begin its production in February .