May not make too much noise between the most highly anticipated games, but without a doubt fans of aviation are showing very positive on a Flight Simulator that, currently, goes through a phase of alpha testing. If you’re not participating in it, you will soon have a new opportunity thanks to the closed beta, of which we will have news soon.

according To the latest roadmap, the beta of Flight Simulator will take place at mid-July, but we should know exactly when next week. "As we enter into July, the team is excited for the goals that we will meet the coming month, starting by the alpha 5!" collected the blog of Asobo Studios.

The alpha 5 will be the last, will have date soon and will continue to be the beta "In our post of next week (July 2) we will offer a launch date for the alpha 5, and a schedule for the launch of the closed beta". As you can see, that means the next alpha will also be the last.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a flight simulator that bet filled by the realism, both in the construction and operation of the aircraft, as well as by the scenarios and the climatic conditions that affect them. It will also feature an interesting multiplayer mode that is updated with actual flights of airlines to give you even more immersion to the program.