to Purchase, book a table at a restaurant or, why not, see the last chapter of our favorite series. All of this is possible already from our mobile phone, an indispensable tool, not only to communicate or to enjoy our leisure time but also to the time of work.

The mobile phone has become, little by little, in a companion essential in our working day and there are already many applications that help us in tasks such as editing a report, send a document, or check our corporate e-mail.

Today, we take a step further and analyze some of the mobile applications more useful to you and that will allow our Smartphone to position yourself as the perfect partner in our professional development.

The office on your mobile

 As we said, there are many professionals who want to work with their mobile phone at any time and place, as if you really were in your job.

Well, there are applications that allow us as Clear Scanner, with which to scan documents from our phone it is possible to, quickly and easily. In addition, it is compatible with major cloud services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, among others, which will allow us to store and access our scans safely. Also the apps for optical character recognition (OCR) and document validation ICP Logistics. A delivery note, ID card, an invoice, a... With these applications we can scan what we need.

Another application with which to be able to have the office within our mobile is

Hangouts Meet, an app for video calls, focused professionals and companies, with which they can collaborate and interact with your team members no matter where in the world they are located.

This application from Google allows us to make video calls in high definition with up to 100 participants. Access to the meetings is very simple: just share a link and others can join with a click.

in Addition, each meeting has a telephone access number for team members who prefer to call. Hangouts Meet is integrated with Google Calendar which allows you to see more easily the details of the meetings, schedule meetings and join instantly to any of them.

Another of the problems that we may find ourselves to be out of the office is to have you digitally sign a document. To do this, we have HelloSign, which allows for both to sign online and send at the same time, digital documents, and prepare our own documents to sign other people.


to Be more efficient and productive it is also now possible with the help of our mobile phone applications such as Google Keep, with which nothing will elude us: a new idea, a contact, a new task..., This app lets you take note of everything you want, easily and have them always at hand.

With Google Keep you can take notes by hand, with the keyboard of our phone and even attach images or files.

in Addition, you'll be able to group your notes by categories, archive them, create reminders,... etc 

Another cool application for that not to escape us nothing is Todoist, with more than 10 million users. This app, besides being able to be used in a personal manner, can also be used in a team to plan projects, assign responsibilities, discuss details of the tasks and monitoring the deadlines within the application.

Plan your tasks and projects

Manage the different projects that we are working, to know in what state they are in, who is responsible for each task or what is the next step to give you can be easier also with the help of our Smartphone.

Apps such as Trello allows you to create boards to organize any project you are working on, invite colleagues to collaborate on such tasks, customize workflows for different projects, add to-do lists and assign them to a collaborator... And something very useful: Work offline as the panels for the project are automatically synchronized when you reconnect.

Another similar application and gaining popularity day-to-day is Slack, a communication tool that facilitates the collaboration of a work team. Slack organizes all of your conversations so that they are always available and you can find accurate information. Allows you to create different channels for different projects, departments, and customers; team members can enter and exit the conversation as needed, and share documents, make video chat and send GIFs within the app.

Be more productive

Many times, to the point we finish our workday, we had the feeling that we have not been spread as it should, and we assaulted the doubt: “what has the time gone? Well, with this application we can have the answer. And is that Toggl is an implementation of follow-up time (time tracker) simple and intuitive, that allows you to record the time you spend to each of your tasks.

Toggl makes a detailed report for each task, analyzes the numbers and shows you how you spent your time, allowing you to adjust your way of working to be more productive.

Working with security

Without a doubt, as we see, the Smartphone can be our best companion on the job but, for the same reason, we must ensure its correct operation and safety, tools that enable us to locate any problem from the terminal, both in the hardware as in the software.

So, we should have a password manager such as LastPass Password Manager, with which to store passwords and logins, create profiles for online shopping, and even generate secure passwords, or with an app of security like Lookout that protects you against viruses, loss or theft.

This application blocks any URL that can be dangerous and detects and removes viruses and spyware that hide in apps, attachments from emails or other files from the mobile device.

in Addition, in case of loss or theft, with just opening the app allows us to locate our mobile phone on a Google map and lock or wipe your data remotely.

Apps for repair of electronic devices

 But not all applications are public and downloadable. Some apps are developed especially for some companies or specific operational, such as, for example, the repair of devices, the application of self-diagnosis of ICP Tech Solutions that allows you to perform an analysis of the state of the device in order to improve productivity and correct possible errors in the diagnosis of repair of the same.

And, finally, disconnected....

Yes, because in order to be more productive and efficient, we also need our time of disconnection.... And that is what he proposes to us Headspace, a digital platform that provides sessions of guided meditation and training mindfulness with cartoons, videos, and audio.

A help is certainly very useful to escape the stress.