This is the expected figure for this year. Meanwhile, in 2023, it should rise to $ 11 billion.


chatbots A promising future awaits in sectors such as retail, banking and healthcare < / strong>.

According to the calculations of Juniper Research, its use in these sectors will save $ 6 billion this year . Moreover, in 2023 the savings in business costs will rise to 11,000 million dollars.

Where does this figure come from? The planned saving has to do with the reduction of the time that will be devoted to inquiries that reach customer service, because people who have to pick up the phone or interact with social networks will be replaced by chatbots . In addition to saving workers time, it will also help customers themselves . Between companies and consumers, more than 2.5 billion hours should be saved in the aforementioned sectors within five years.

The most benefited of all by the chatbots will be the retail sector. It is estimated that more than 70% of the chatbots that will be accessed in 2023 will have to do with retail .

Regarding use cases, Juniper Research highlights the customer service , on the one hand, and the electronic commerce , on the other.