Skybound Entertainment, responsible for series such as The Walking Dead, has announced the development of a new production dedicated to the popular streamer on Twitch, Guy Beahm, and his character DrDisrespect.

Beahm will work closely with Skybound to bring to the screen an adaptation as faithful as possible to his idea of the character. The CEO of SkyBound has said that although there are many streamers famous with a lot of talent, "there is something special in what that Guy has done to create this character".

as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the series is still in the early stages of production and has not yet been acquired by any platform for its issuance. According to Brahm, also "there may be some parallel opportunities" to this series in the future, opening up the possibilities of seeing DrDisrespect in other media such as comics and games.

Will have to wait and see if its almost 4 million followers, on Twitch are sufficient basis to support this project and attract with him to a public more general. Of time, emissions as controversial as the last E3 2019 have located a Guy Beahm as one of the professional players most influential.