Juniper Research finds that sometimes “the systemic change, rather than technological, it could be a better solution, and cheaper”.

The blockchain is booming. According to a study from Juniper Research, the majority of companies that have more than 20,000 employees is already deploying this technology or are considering actively. That would be 57 %, specifically, major corporations.

Two-thirds of the companies that have already reached the stage of proof-of-concept believe that blockchain will be integrated into their systems at the end of next year.

And is that the benefits it can bring are remarkable, for example, for those who require transparency in transactions, transmit high volumes of information, or currently depend on storage systems in role.

The case is that it also has its negative part. From Juniper Research warn the dangers embark on the implementation of blockchain no shuffle before any alternative viable. Not in vain there may be problems as issues of interoperability. Implement blockchain also have their challenges.

“In many cases”, resuelve the author of the research from Juniper Research, Windsor Holden, “the systemic change, rather than technological, it could be a better solution for cheaper and more blockchain, which could cause a significant disruption to internal and external”.