Next year the NAND Flash market will abandon 2D-NAND memories in favor of 3D-NAND architecture.


The Flash NAND industry will continue to rise next year, according to forecasts published by TrendForce through DRAMeXchange .

The capacity of this industry should increase next year by 6%, although so will the prices. Of course, throughout the 2017 the transition from 2D-NAND memories to the 3D-NAND architecture will materialize, which is feared to result in a certain shortage of stocks. In fact, it seems that we will have to wait for 64-layer solutions, which should begin to be marketed in summer, to improve supply levels.

It is estimated that the participation of 2D-NAND will fall by 50% in the third quarter of the year we are about to release.

A driver of the Flash NAND segment will be the SSD units, which are used for devices such as laptops but also for servers and data centers. The demand for SSD technology will account for two-fifths of the consumption of Flash NAND in 2017, according to DRAMeXchange . Moreover, the global demand for SSD will increase by 60% next year compared to the demand registered in 2016.