The leading manufacturers in the market will help the rise of this new technology.


As follows from the data collected by Digitimes < / a> of smartphone panel producers, the demand for flexible AMOLED panels will grow at a rapid pace in 2017 and in the following years.

Those good results will be possible thanks to the legacy to the market of new smartphones based on AMOLED technology from the leading manufacturers in the mobile sector.

A premium model that will have a flexible AMOLED panel will be the LG V30 that will be released soon, and will include a 6-inch LG Display screen with an aspect ratio of 18: 9.

For its part, it is also expected that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 , which will be released on August 23, will come with a flexible and 6.3-inch curved screen with Super AMOLED technology < / p>

Also, Apple could also bet on a version of the iPhone that includes a flexible AMOLED screen of 5.8 inches.

With regard to Chinese manufacturers, they are still betting on rigid AMOLED panels, since the supply of flexible models in the market is limited.

Finally, in Digitimes they point out that according to IHS Market data, the marketing of flexible AMOLED panels for smartphones will reach 161 million units in 2017 , while the rigid models will reach up to 286 million units.