The bizarre case of the manifestation against Electronic Arts by their policies on FIFA 20 has finished with a failure sonorous and boisterous, in the absence of not a single one of the people supposedly "outraged" with the video game sporting the american company.

things as they are, what a sacrifice… what sacrificeThe mobilization was convened for yesterday at the 19:00 in front of the offices of EA in Madrid, and just were two journalists to cover the event (one a companion of the portal Guide) and a third that was a cheerleader with a megaphone hired to attend. "The manifestation has been a failure", moaned from Alfifi, the organizer of the movement, in your Twitter account which, by the way, even came to the call. "There has been no one. We thank the journalists who have attended and the animator of the megaphone that were hired to attend. Day of reflection. Things as they are, what a sacrifice… what sacrifice".

To the words of one of the journalists who themselves went to the call, Guillermo Cid, from the Association of Leagues of FIFA with Signings sent a message of apology. "we Regret what happened. In the group there were 120 odd people, and apparently all trolls who were waiting for pictures to laugh".

Image of FIFA 20

Today you have voted for the gambling and manipulationthe messages from The organizer of the event will be happening throughout the night. "Today you have voted in favor of the pathological gambling, the manipulation algorithmic video game, the misleading advertising and false democracy. Now I understand the reflections of Enrico Fermi: 'every civilization reaches a sufficient potential to exterminated itself'. I’m going to bed after a day of frantic emails and calls", commented from Alfifi. "I Did everything I could for the first demonstration against a video game. But I did not receive anything. I respect him and I learn. Left with the peace of mind know that attended the same number of people that I follow on Twitter (the Twitter account in question follows 0 people, editor’s note)".

The demands of the organisers of the protest had to do with "to put in place the first physical manifestation in Spain against the policies of a large company of video games", and you can see the lawsuits from this link where you were beginning to talk about this protest by the handicap and the statistics of FIFA 20.