A study of Equinix reveals that Europe surpasses north America in the race for the digital growth.

The interconnection is, for the IT sector, a major facilitator of the digital transformation.

According to Equinix, nearly 1 out of every 2 professional senior of this sector thinks this way. The proportion in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) is 4 out of 10. While, in Spain, the confidence in the interconnection solutions is greater, with 64 % of people who see as a priority the digitization of its technological infrastructure.

In EMEA interconnection is used for issues such as data exchange with other companies, network service providers or cloud. In our country, take advantage of, mainly, according to a 83 %, to connect to IT companies and telecommunications, high above the cases in which it serve of she to connect with financial firms (35 %) and manufacturing (17 %).

in Addition, it should be noted that, with a 51% CAGR, Europe surpasses north America in the race for the digital growth. Although it is situated behind Latin america (63 %) and the Asia-Pacific region (56 %).

Up to 55 % of the companies in EMEA with plans of expansion to new markets compared to 69 % of the Spanish. Here, 62 % say they will use virtual connections to support its growth plans.

And three-quarters of the Spanish officials point to Madrid with potential to become a hub of interconnection global.

Spain has, according to Ignacio Velilla, director general of Equinix, Spain “a unique opportunity to take advantage of the opportunities that it offers to its privileged geographical location and its rich entrepreneurial ecosystem. To this is joined a real confidence and growing in the interconnection, as evidenced in the responses of executives to Spanish respondents,” she says.