Trend Micro explains that, “as eSports become an industry of billions of dollars, it is inevitable that attackers seek to capitalize on this in the next few years”.

eSports or e-sports are growing in importance to the technology industry and the economy itself world-wide with their own leagues, stadiums and players well paid. And that means that, increasingly, cybercriminals are set in them.

If before the attacks were aimed at users, now extend beyond the players who play for fun. Also take into account the businesses, sponsors or spectators. All of these elements that shape the industry and eSport will be exposed to threats such as data theft, DDoS attacks, the ransomware, the hacks of hardware and cybercrime as a service. So open irrigation as the game accounts stolen, breaches of personal information or services to improve scores illegally.

as determined by Trend Micro, which has developed a research on the cyber threats that await them in the future to eSports.

“If there is anything that we know of malicious agents, is to follow the money. Trend Micro has already observed that groups motivated economically, taking advantage of the security gaps to aim at the gaming industry to get financial benefits”, says Jon Clay, director of communications global threat Trend Micro, “and we expect the same in eSports.

as eSports become an industry of billions of dollars, it is inevitable that attackers look to capitalize this in the next few years”.

“we expect the sector will experience the same type of attacks that the industry of the game, but on a much larger scale, with the participation of motivated actors for reasons of monetary and geo-political“, adds Clay.

criminals will, for example, poor security of passwords and authentication. The servers that are hosting active games will become a target for exploitation.

To avoid loss of revenue and reputation, Trend Micro recommends to the industry of eSports that apply a defense-multi.