A single attack of this kind means to each organization approximately 830 000 euros.

The financial sector is the most attacks DNS receives. What have been calculated EfficientIP and IDC in the Report on the Global Threats of DNS 2019, in which it is revealed that, during the past year, 88% of financial services organizations experienced this problem.

On average, beat them 10 attacks annual, that with respect to previous stages is almost 37% more. In addition, almost half say they have been subject to scams of phishing based on the DNS.

A single attack of DNS has cost to each institution financial about 830 000 euros. And the expense to restore the service is now in the 1 166 euros, that is 40 % more. Other consequences, beyond the cost, downtime of the cloud service and downtime internal to the application.

65 % of the financial companies used, or plan to do so, architectures of Trust-Zero. But a higher figure, the 67 %, not taking advantage of the analysis of DNS traffic in their strategies. On the other hand, 43% does not provide automation for the management of policies of network security.

To David Williamson, CEO, EfficientIP, is “surprising” that “these organizations do not reinforce their security measures. As has been shown in our report, if you want to continue your business activities must know how to keep at bay the hackers“ she warns.