Juniper Research believes that content creators itentarán “to emulate the success of the Pokémon Go from Niantic”.

forecasts from Juniper Research are favourable to applications of mixed reality.

This is for those applications that, according to his own definition, “show digital objects overlapping that coexist with the physical world along with the ability to interact in real time”.

according To their calculations, this year will reach 3,000 million of applications. And in 2022 it will be 9,000 million, which implies a growth rate of 212 % in those four years.

In this market will influence the benefits of networks 5G, and will have a leading role to companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook in terms of content development.

Juniper Research believes that the market of games of mixed reality linked to the smartphone will be worth 2,300 million dollars in 2022.

“The content creators MR”, the abbreviation of mixed reality in English, “will focus on to emulate the success of the Pokémon Go of Niantic”, señala researcher Sam Barker, who believes that, thanks to the “recent releases of framework, now the developers of app have the necessary tools to create the next great mobile application of MR”.

Another fact for the future is that there will be more than 6000 million of the social networking applications in offering services for mixed reality in 2022.