The French Atos has partnered with Nymi to carry it out.


toAtos has announced a new authentication method based on the heartbeat.

Technology has been created by Nymi, who has contributed the physical part. Nymi band is a bracelet with biometric technology capable of measuring vital signs as a guarantee of secure access.

The Evidian Enterprise SSO solution allows you to start the session by pressing the band against an NFC reader. Authentication is done via a Bluetooth connection and remains that way until you leave the workplace, thanks to a wireless connection.

Employees benefit from a simple and fast experience. Companies, guaranteeing the shielding of sensitive information, which can only be accessed by authorized persons.

This is summarized by Louis-Maarie Fouchard, responsible for the range of Atos Identity Management products. « It is a totally unique experience for end users: this innovative authentication will make the way they work easier, ensuring the security of the company,» he said.

The solution is especially aimed at sectors of Health and Pharmacy, with high data protection requirements.