last week, AMD confirmed that it approached a major software update, a new version of the software Radeon Adrenalin with improvements and new features. Still had not said anything more about it, but as Videocardz is always the jumping, we already have leaked the improvements of the new update. The first thing that has been talked about is the utility Wattman, which promises to provide an alternative to overclock simple that is opposed to the OC Scanner Nvidia and to take more advantage of the RX Vega. On the other hand, there is a feature called "Hey Radeon!" that adds voice commands to the Link App of AMD. So users can request the display counters of FPS, for example, simply by asking.

The third novelty is the most impressive. It is the possibility of transmitting games to helmets of virtual reality are independent. This feature is not available in any other media or software ecosystem, so it is one of the most remarkable elements of this package of drivers. Anyway, we do not believe that this is going to affect the sales of AMD, given that the sale of helmets VR independent is not as bulky. Apparently there are many other features in the new update, but we’ll have to wait to be made official.