Samsung intends to expand the availability of Bixby to more languages and devices “in the future”.

The artificial intelligence is entering little by little into our lives. The major manufacturers want appliances of daily use as the smartphone to interact with users beyond the touch and the text. Looking for communications of a living voice. Also Samsung.

The company asian has announced the availability of its long-awaited wizard Bixby for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in a key market like the united States. That is to say, has announced that Bixby will be able to communicate in English with users in the united states, and also with the Korean. After updating the software, to be able to take advantage of its functionality so you just have to activate it by pressing the button of dedicated hardware used for Bixby the Galaxy S8 and S8+, or greet him with a “hi Bixby”. And although Spain is not included in this release, Samsung has confirmed that its intention is to expand the service to Bixby to more languages, and also to more devices, “in the future”.

Samsung defines Bixby as a smart interface that facilitates the interaction with the device and apps. “Due to that Bixby is deeply integrated into the device, instead of a standalone application”, explica, “users can easily switch between voice commands, touch or text, providing a unique experience on the current attendees of voice in the market”. Bixby offers integration for major applications and support apps additional, native or third party, via Bixby Labs.

“we Want to provide an experience truly multi-modal, so that users can interact with your phone in many different ways: through sight, touch, writing, or the voice”. This is, “all the more natural ways of interacting with the world available in your smartphone“, delves Injong Rhee, executive vice president and head of R & D, Software and business Services of Mobile Communications of Samsung Electronics. “And as we grow the ecosystem of Bixby, she will use her integrity, context awareness and tolerance cognitive to evolve from an interface to smartphone to the interface for your life”.

Bixby has been created for understanding natural language rather than respond only to commands and presets promises to get better with time in accordance with the preferences and manner of speech of the user. It may ask you for simple tasks such as taking a picture, or more complex as search for specific content and organize it to suit the user.