NEC Display Solutions Europe has introduced six models MultiSync of their Series P and V large format that are aimed at the segment of digital signage and presentation.

The latest screens presented by NEC Display Solutions Europe that are aimed at the segment of digital signage and presentation, a total of six models MultiSync from Series P and V, large-format, among its features with “access to the Internet of Things to provide you a unique experience”.

So is indicated from NEC, in reference to the operation with the system board Raspberry Pi.

Whether it “the modules Raspberry Pi or the slot Open Pluggable Specification”, the company “can be integrated in the screens to create a complete solution”. The new creations of NEC will take advantage of the platform’s Open, Modular intelligence for the development of tailored solutions.

“Many industries are looking for ways to improve their solutions for the signage digital and use more advanced applications,”, declares Tobias Augustin, Senior Product Manager of Large-Format Screens at NEC Display Solutions Europe. “Thanks to the option of modular expansion what they are getting”, he adds. This officer evaluates the contribution “the companies the flexibility to improve the operation of the screens at any time, integrating one of the options for OPS, the module Raspberry Pi or the interface signal”.

The screens P404, P484, P554, V404, V484, and V554, which, as they are called, offer different sizes, ranging from 40 to 55 inches, improve the performance of image via SpectraView Engine, by using the control software, NaViSet Administrator 2 management of devices from a single place. Also promise to “critical performance continued in the most demanding environments”, technology, anti-glare and ease of reading despite ambient light conditions.