Silverline Shape Defense is a cloud-managed service that keeps web pages safe from malicious traffic.

After purchasing Shape Security, a company that has allowed it to incorporate protection against automated attacks, botnets and fraud, F5 announces the launch of Silverline Shape Defense .

Silverline Shape Defense is a cloud-based managed service that protects corporate web pages from malicious traffic and activities such as credential stuffing or scraping . < / p>

This is done using artificial intelligence technology , which allows you to determine in real time whether the request to access an application comes from a real authorized user or an bot .

“The incorporation of Shape Defense will allow our clients to protect their digital applications and initiatives from cyberattacks without having to maintain a great team of security , something that only afford Fortune 500 companies, «says Gail Coury, vice president and CEO of Silverline at F5.

For Coury, what stands out from “F5 Silverline’s managed security services” is that they “improve not only the security and performance of applications, but also address the lack of knowledge of IT professionals to the time to tackle the latest and most advanced cyber threats in real time. «