Amazon has been the last to enter this market.


Amazon has just announced the launch of Chime, a videoconferencing tool that puts you fully into a busy and lucrative market.

The ecommerce and Cloud giant reaffirms its interest in the business market where giants such as Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix or Adobe compete and for which more consumer-oriented companies, such as < strong> Facebook , they’re flirting.

According to a report prepared by Reporbuyer , the videoconferencing technology industry will grow exponentially in the coming years. There are several reasons that explain the business boom and the growing commitment of companies to the development of professional conference solutions.

The expansion of cloud-based solutions is the main one; They help companies reduce their initial investment. In addition, companies can save costs on their international operations by avoiding travel expenses and decision-making time.

Of course, the optimization of networks and image quality does the rest.

Vertical sectors such as Education and Health benefit especially from these types of solutions, which have transformed the way in which they interact with students and / or patients.

The demand for this type of solutions from different industries makes the videoconferencing solutions segment a desirable business.

Hardware manufacturers, software developers and integrators will benefit from the boom of this business. Those companies that already have technological solutions of this type face the challenge of optimizing the equipment, in view of the improved market offer. Those who do not have them are provided as potential customers.