Ericsson predicts that 47 % of the total value of 5G can be taken advantage of by the operators in the year 2026.

Ericsson believes that the operators could end up increasing to a 36 % of your income in the year 2026. How? Thanks to 5G, and with a number of key sectors.

So what is revealed through the so-called Guide to take advantage of the business potential of digitisation in the industry 5G.

The forecast is that the income of the actors of the ICT industry that are derived from the digitization will increase by 13.6 % annually, while the existing operators will improve by 1.5 %.

“To the extent that the 5G gets more vital for industries, will continue to grow revenue opportunities for the operators”, indicates Ericsson, which specifies that nearly half (47 %) the total value of the 5G 2026 can be availed precisely operator.

A set of nine areas cornered almost 90 % of the opportunities of 5G, highlighting above all the real-time automation. This automation has a potential 101,000 million of dollars for 2026.

there are Also video services enhanced, with a potential a total of 96,000 million dollars.