The latest data from the SuperData firm highlights the enormous relevance of that industry.


As follows from latest study prepared by the company SuperData Reserach, the video game industry worldwide reached a turnover of $ 91,000 million .

When disaggregating data by sector, the mobile games was the most lucrative, since it entered $ 41 billion , followed by the video games sold in physical stores , which reached $ 26,000 million , and free games to play online, which stood at $ 19,000 million.

Looking ahead to 2017, the SuperData report notes that will quickly increase its relevance new categories such as virtual reality and e-sports , which this year have already achieved bill 2.7 billion dollars and 892 million dollars, respectively.

In the field of virtual reality , forecasts suggest that companies with experience in hardware production, such as Sony and HTC , will be the most prominent next year , while in the e-sports section it is expected that the sale of broadcasting rights of streaming games will allow higher revenues for companies such as Activision, Riot Games and Electronic Arts.

On the other hand, when analyzing the field of the mobile games the most popular in 2016 were titles like Monster Strike, Clash Royale or Pokemon Go .

In addition, SuperData data advances that has increased the number of consumers who download video games directly to their consoles , and show that the PC market still It is still fundamental, since its turnover this year has been 34,000 million dollars.