Pop Culture Shock has presented its last statue of luxury dedicated to Ryu and inspired in Street Fighter V. The famous wrestler stars in a luxurious figure of its appearance "Battle-Ryu", a limited edition of 250 units.

This version of the character, also known as "Hot-Ryu", it shows the wrestler doing the beginning of his iconic Hadoken, placed on a base theme of the castle Suzaku. The statue of measures 52 cm in height and includes all kind of details, as the beams of energy translucent blue that emerge from the hands of Ryu, and surround the statue, and a magnificent finish of sculpted and painted. The huge statue shall enter into period of pre-booking on the 28th day of march, with a price of 549 dollars, and will begin to be distributed between the months of February and April of 2020.

This piece of collection is not the only one that will conquer the heart, and the pocketbook, and fans of Capcom, since it the new statues of Street Fighter V Prime 1 Studios also hitting strong with a gigantic diorama, formed by three enormous figures of Ruy, Ken and Akuma.