Two years ago, during a talk at the GDC, Nintendo gave a conference on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild . It showed content that never reached the game, but maybe now you can find your space in the sequel just announced in the E3 2019 , such as a Link with a mechanical arm .

En the designs shown at that time we could see a version of Link much more sinister than usual. In it, the hero of Hyrule sees his right arm replaced by a mechanical prosthesis that allows him to perform new and different actions. After seeing the first advance offered by Nintendo of the continuation of Breath of the Wild, there have been few who have remembered this detail. It is an element that could link with the idea that in this sequel Link’s arm would undergo some kind of modification .

But is not the only detail that could have been rescued from the discards of the original Breath of the Wild. In another of the designs you could see a huge mass of land floating over Hyrule , which can be easily linked to the image of the trailer in which Hyrule Castle rises from the ground. In addition, I would confirm Ganon’s return with a more traditional look.

It could be a mere coincidence, but the two original proposals fit easily with what seen in the first advance of the continuation of the game. If you want to know all the secrets that this footage hides, be sure to read our special with the 7 mysteries of the sequel to Zelda: Breath of the Wild .