Samsung has chosen Friday the 28th of October as the day on which they will start the sales, as long as you keep replacing the old model at the current rate.

there is Already date for the arrival of the Galaxy Note7 Europe. This is, for the arrival of the new model, which Samsung has had to create to address the battery problems which have resulted in the suspension of sales of smartphone original and the implementation of a programme of replacements.

Samsung has said that the new Galaxy Note7 will begin to be sold in the Old Continent, the last Friday of October, the day 28.

The date has not been chosen at random. As explained by the firm sucoreana, their calculations indicate that the replacement european will culminate at the beginning of next month. This is, “according to the current rate of replacement of the Note7”. Since the inception of the program in Europe on the 19th of September, 9 out of every 10 owners of a Galaxy Note7 would have already opted for the new model. In addition, a 3 % preferred to stay with a mobile Galaxy alternative.

“Our message of safety first is growing among the owners of Samsung Galaxy Note7, they are doing the right thing by replacing it by a new device quickly and safely,”, says David Lowes, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Electronics Europe. “We have worked hard to implement the replacement of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 in Europe to ensure the safety of our customers and minimize the inconvenience”. And it continues to urge you to change your phone if you still have the old.

Obviously, the boot sales will be “subject to full completion of the replacement program”, recall from Samsung, so it seems that there still could be some change about the start of sales in late October.

Lowes has explained that to verify that the Note7 handled is the new, just “check that the icon appears green battery and a symbol black square in the box”.