The next generation of consoles promises to deliver a leap of quality important thanks to the power provided by the consoles to new, as Xbox Series X. It is for this reason that all eyes will be placed in games like Halo Infinite, that can take advantage of the virtues and techniques of the new hardware thanks to your engine of new generation, the Slipspace Engine.

In one of the last videos of 343 Industries (via Gamespot), the director of the Halo saga, Frank O'Connor, he has not hesitated in praising the task of the study to create an engine that, according to them, is more than prepared for the new generation. Not only in terms of their power and ability, but also in terms of the flexibility to facilitate the development of games.

"We’ve had to create a motor that is more powerful for the developments of new generation, but also more agile, so that the creatives and engineers can work more easily and iterate faster" said O'Connor, to which he added: "These foundations technicians are vital to build a foundation for the future of Halo".

Image of Halo Infinite