A new study ensures that HP was the only brand that managed to improve its numbers.


As can be seen from the data in the last report of Digitimes Research , four of the five most popular laptop brands in the world suffered a drop in sales last October.

The good news came for Hewlett Packard (HP) , who achieved a 11% rise in the marketing of their laptops, thanks to aggressive promotions and marketing .

In the case of Lenovo , in Digitimes Research they point out that the Chinese brand fell back in its orders , and in Dell , they reveal Very negative data, as the Texas company had a year-on-year decrease of 18.1% .

On the other hand, for Asustek the fall was less pronounced, since the marketing of laptops the Asus brand only yielded 4.3% , and in Acer the result offered a loss of 17.8% in market share.

Finally, the list of laptop manufacturers recorded good news for Quanta Computer , which increased its orders by 7% thanks to orders from HP and Asus, surpassing the figures of rivals Compal Electronics and Wistron.