The web BBC has posted an exciting article, originally published in the Norwegian NRK, where it is described how the parents of a young man recently deceased discovered his secret virtual life World of Warcraft.

The young Mats Steen suffered from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a serious degenerative disease that at a very early age forced him to use permanently in a wheelchair. Your limited greatly its chances of interacting, given their problems to play with other children his age, what did Mats is overturned on video games. Thanks to this hobby he discovered World of Warcraft, a title which, according to his own words, "my disability doesn’t matter, my strings are broken and I can be who I want to be. There I feel normal".

In this virtual world Mats became Lord Ibelin Redmoore, and sometimes Jerome Walker. There came to be a part of a group of players, Starlight, which slowly ended up becoming his friends. This group of players was unknown at the beginning of the serious health problems of Mats, and single valued his exemplary behavior and its vicinity. "During his last 10 years of life, Mats played between 15,000 and 20,000 hours ", said said the father of Mats at the funeral. A time shared between friends and are a testimony of the importance of this digital life for Mats, of which their parents were unaware of the actual scope.

When Mats died, at the age of 25 years, her parents decided to post the sad news on his blog, to warn its companions of game. But they were not prepared for the enormous and exciting reaction from your virtual friends, who responded with a large amount of messages offering their condolences. Many of them, who had never met in person to Mats, even came to his funeral to bid him farewell. The family of Mats could not suspect the complexity of the relationships established by his son within the game, and the impact that their friendship had had on the rest of members of Starlight.

A story that demonstrates the importance of video games to connect fans between them, and the weight of the community to influence the lives of the rest of the players. Despite his early death, Mats was important to their peers from WOW, and an example of the way in which we choose to conduct ourselves in our adventures virtual can be as important as what we do in the real world. As explains a few of the playmates of Mats: "There, what matters is who you choose to be and how you behave with others".