The version of Firefox Focus for Android has reached this figure in less than a month, after being announced in June.

First launched for iOS and the past month of June, Mozilla extended the availability of the browser Firefox Focus to Android.

This browser is characterized by block the crawlers that haunt the internet users and to allow for the bulk erasure of the data session. And less than a month after his arrival in Android, its leaders have announced that has achieved a million downloads.

This would reveal that there are “huge demand” in what refers to the control “your personal information and web browsing habits” on the part of users, establece Mozilla. “When you initially launch Firefox Focus to iOS last year, we did so based on our belief that everyone has the right to protect your privacy. We create the app Firefox Focus for Android to support all our mobile users and give them control to manage their habits of browsing on-line in different platforms”.

the properties that already had the Firefox Focus will be joined by other new, that are compatibility with all type of files in the download and the reproduction of full screen videos. Yes, at the moment there is support for YouTube because missing to fix a error.

Another novelty has to do with the notifications, that happen to offer a access to go into Firefox Focus directly.