Dropbox has partnered with Intel with the aim of offering support for U2F and enhance the security of the accounts of your cloud service.

The new processors manufactured by Intel, the Intel Core seventh generation, will help users of the platform cloud computing Dropbox to keep your accounts safe and your information secure.

has So comunicado the own Dropbox, which has decided to ally with the signing of Santa Clara to deliver built-in support for U2F through the new chips. And this has been confirmed by Intel, whose group vice president of Software and Services, and the director general of the division of Safety of Platforms, Rick Echevarria has explained that “this partnership makes security more convenient and accessible for users of Dropbox on PCs Intel built with our Core of seventh generation”.

The result of the union of Dropbox, and Intel would be a iron security without too many complexities, because users who connect to the web, Dropbox will take advantage directly of the keys are built into the Core processors.

This is considered by Dropbox as a step forward with respect to the two-factor authentication more traditional, which forces you to rely on text messages or other items such as mobile applications and USB keys.