A new report shows that there will be an increase in threats in the transport field.


As can be seen from the data of a new study prepared by the Institute of Engineering Technology (IET), Intelligent Mobility Partnership (IMPART) and Transport System Catapult (TSC), with the IBM collaboration, transport networks are vulnerable to cybercriminals.

In that sense, the report states that Intelligent Mobility , a trend that covers autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things and the use of data to make personalized offers, is accompanied a major security threat .

Research has also revealed that these technological advances are also accompanied by new cyber hazards designed to attack the transport industry , contained in ITProPortal .

In addition, they have the problem that the current detection times make it possible for days, weeks and even months to pass without the end of security problems.

Andrew Everett, director of Strategy at TSC, recalls that «the way we move people and goods throughout the world is undergoing a radical change», and warns that « the field for potentials attacks will increase significantly in the transport industry. ”