calls to fixed and the SMS have gone “to a more-than-background”, according to the CNMC.

as has been revealed in the last annual report prepared by the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), the daily use of instant messaging applications exceeds the use of the traditional call.

The text messages-traditional and calls from the fixed have passed, says the Commission, “a more than the background”.

The text messages traditional “have been rendered almost obsolete” and are used only on rare occasions, the report says. is 56% of spaniards have never sent an SMS.

The other side of the coin is the exponential growth in the use of instant messaging applications. 57% of the spaniards use it several times a day. Is the formula of communication preferred; very over mobile calls (22%), since fixed (13%) and online (4%).

The spaniards valued above all the connection quality (93%). Follow with this requirement of the trust to the to adequately protect private data (89,3%), support when there are problems (88,8%) and facilities such as the ability to communicate with anyone and make an emergency call free of charge, with a 88.6% and an 84.2 per cent, respectively.

despite the increasing use of services of OTT, the quality of voice calls traditional is superior for the respondents.

The report stresses that in order for the experience to be perceived as optimal by the users will work in the interoperability between platforms, instant messaging.