Thus the value of the infrastructure market in 2017 was distributed: 66,000 million in servers, 50,000 million in networks and 26,000 million in storage.


Last year the world infrastructure market set a record when it reached $ 142 billion . This is 7% more than in 2016.

So reveals Canalys, which explains that the servers contributed the most money with 66,000 million dollars. This has had to do with the increase in DRAM components, the demand for better specifications, the expansion of hyperscale data centers and the updates of Intel and AMD processors.

For their part, the networks contributed 50,000 million dollars and the storage reached the 26,000 million > despite the fall suffered by the traditional hard drive. This fall was offset by the all-flash products and the software-defined solutions.

By vendors, the top 3 is made up of Cisco, Dell EMC and Hewlett Packard Enterprise . Half of the shipments made in 2017 had its seal.