Has cost a lot of time, too, but finally the fans of Minecraft version PlayStation 4 will be able to enjoy the game across other platforms, and it is that Sony will open tomorrow, day 10 of December, this possibility for its users.

The version of Bedrock is a separate clientWill be then when the possessors of the copies to the Sony console to begin "to update the game to its version of Bedrock", as announced by Microsoft itself, who is the one who edits the superexitoso video game Mojang. The peculiarity is that, if we will, we will be able to continue playing the original version of the title, the old before the update, but since we will not be able to buy it in digital format since it is a game client separate. The physical copies will unlock a download for the aforementioned Bedrock edition.

"An account of Xbox Live or from Microsoft, free of charge, will enable fans to follow your progress and purchases across the different platforms, and, of course, the payment of a service, Xbox Live Gold will not be required to play Minecraft", comments from the american company that confirms, in addition, there will be no achievements for this version but that will be the classic trophies of the PlayStation consoles.

"it Has been a year of huge to Minecraft, we have made many changes and taken steps in different directions, but our original vision of connecting players across different devices is still intact and we want to offer the best experience regardless of the platform that is destined for the game", continue to in the press release picked up by the portal británico Eurogamer. "we had some time talking with our partners at Sony, and now to all the parties, we have found that it was the best time to start the journey of Bedrock".

The video game continues to be a great asset for all of its parts and, in fact, just a few days ago you had Minecraft dominates the top 10 games most viewed 2019 on YouTube.