The market of online providers of video-on-demand of payment, such as Netflix or Amazon, will reach 34.600 billion in 2021. That is to say, it will double in the next five years.

Netfix soon will be one year in Spain. And Amazon Prime Instant Video and HBO it seems that they are about to come to our country. The operators of video-on-demand are taking positions to the bitter struggle for a market that is starting to take off.

According to the report ‘Digital TV & Video: Network and OTT Strategies 2016-2021’ Juniper Research, global market for subscription video on demand (SVOD, its acronym in English), will move this year 14.600 million dollars. is Not a figure not negligible, but it is only the beginning, as the study predicts that this figure will rise to reach 34.600 million five years later, doubling widely the volume of current business.

in Addition, the joint income that will generate subscription video-on-demand 4K and the pay-per-view or per-download will grow to account for about 13% of total sales suppliers online in 2021.

Netflix, the leader in this sector, already has more than 80 million users around the world. More than half (47 million) are in the united States, where it competes face to face with Direct TV and Comcast, the traditional providers of pay tv by satellite and cable.

In the study it is stated that providers of video streaming of pay they expect to obtain in the next few years interesting returns on investment for their strategies of expansion and growth, as more countries transition into this form of consumption of audiovisual content, moving away from the traditional model of tv, with linear content scheduled.

however, although it seems that the user is opting for the video-on-demand, there are also steps in the opposite direction. So, YouTube, and Hulu are betting on the dissemination of content in a direct, in a linear format traditional, forming part of the subscription packages that will combine content on-demand and live.

however, the report also introduces some uncertainties. As well, review that even though Netflix launched a major international expansion in 2016, taking its coverage to 190 countries, subscribers do not grow at the expected rate. in Addition, the platform has increased its prices, something that may benefit their competitors.

The company also faces the challenge is to bear the costs of production of original content –House of cards, Orange is the new black, etc-, as well as the difficulty of offering quality content. especially taking into account the usual level of the series from HBO (The Wire, The Sopranos, Game of thrones…) or the emergence of Amazon in the own production, managing to attract for the first time to Woody Allen to the world series (Crime in six scenes).