The path from The Last of Us: Part II after its release is not being as beautiful as they expected in Naughty Dog considering the precedent of its estimated first installment. Although before reaching the consoles, Ellie and co. They were already being the subject of controversy over issues other than gameplay, after many have completed the video game, this controversy continues to grow .

Now it is Abby, one of the key characters of the game, who is being the target of criticism from some users unhappy with his visual appearance and his attitude during the story. The supposed “implausibility” of their muscles and complexion, as well as the choice of the women who have given her life , are some of the reasons that have come up.

I try to post positive things, but sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming Laura Bailey But beyond comments and opinions, actress Laura Bailey has had than speaking out through social media to denounce the harassment he is suffering from his work: «I try to publish only positive things, but sometimes it becomes a bit overwhelming «. His message was accompanied by various threat captures and hate messages directly towards him.

Bailey also wanted to thank the gesture to all the people who have sent her positive messages and who have helped to counteract all the discomfort that is supposed to be being rebuked for the simple fact of doing a job the best possible. After all, the decision to create Abby and all her morphology has little to do with her, who has given voice and movement to the character .

While the controversy continues to catch the attention of the industry, The Last of Us: Part 2 It has already become the PlayStation 4 exclusive with the highest sales turnover in the history of the console. In addition, it should be remembered that the franchise has a series of HBO in process and that continue to raise bets on which actors will bring the characters to life in the production .

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