From hospitality to healthcare and retail, different sectors can benefit from virtual assistance.

Each time you are going to spend more and more money into the wireless speakers-enabled virtual assistance personal or for VPA, for its acronym in English. This is, in assistants controlled by voice, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.

as determined by the consulting firm Gartner, who explains that of the 720 million dollars of expense of end-user of the past year will be uploaded to 3.520 million dollars in 2021. In addition, the interest will not be only consumers. The companies also have a say in all this.

The forecast is that the adoption business of this type of device to boost the growth already in 2019, thanks to a series of specialized products. The first sectors to leave your imprint will be the catering industries and remote assistance.

“In the health care applications remote diagnosis and care of the elderly will be enabled for the speaker VPA”, comments Ranjit Atwal, research director at Gartner. “The cost of hardware and services, at least in part, be funded by the partners in the ecosystem of health that are likely to achieve efficiencies, substantial and promote the adoption of the patient”.

“The speakers VPA specialized hardware and software configurations as will be implemented in the sector retail in 2020 and beyond”, adds Atwal, who believes that “enable new experiences of payment and purchase self-service, based on the voice”.

Within a couple of years, this type of speakers should incorporate features of artificial intelligence that will not run in the cloud, but on the device itself. is Gartner also predicts that the concerns for the privacy of the data will be under the age of face-to-2020.