Is wireless technology cellular of faster growth. With respect to the end of 2019, their presence has increased a 308,66 %.

currently there is 63,6 million connections 5G around the world. Or, more specifically, that is the figure recorded during the first quarter of the year, which now reveal Omdia and the organisation 5G Americas.

This represents a growth of 308,66 % compared to the end of 2019. “World”, says Chris Pearson, president of 5G Americas, “5G continues to be the generation of wireless cellular faster of the story, even in the midst of the pandemic that hit the world”.

The number of networks, 5G commercial of 82. And is expected to multiply by more than two to his presence until 206 when finished in 2020, according to the estimates of TeleGeography. For then there should be 238 million connections 5G.

In terms of the number of terminals supported, the latest report from Ericsson talked about more than a hundred of devices 5G commercial available to users.