Check Point reveals that both attacks are associated with the ransomware Locky as those who use Cryptowall is on the increase.

Although there are experts who believe that the growth of the ransomware reduce in 2017, this time malware that calls for bailouts in exchange of hijacked computer is still making mischief.

according To the results of the latest Global Index of Threat of Check Point, which every month ranks the families of malware that attack corporate networks, “the number of families active and attacks are located close to the historical maximum”. In fact, “the offensive against corporate networks do not stop”.

In November, the attacks associated with the ransomware Locky have increased by 10 %. And the attacks that use the ransomware Cryptowall have done the same.

“The growth of the attack of ransomware should be a very simple motif: work and generate large benefits to the criminals”, says Nathan Shuchami, head of threat prevention Check Point. “businesses are struggling to respond to these offensive, but some do not have the tools necessary security and other do not have a template formed able to recognize a potential attack of ransomware in email“.

“of course, these situations encourage the attackers to continue with his actions”, adds Shuchami, which says that “companies need to implement prevention measures advanced in their networks, endpoints and mobile devices to end with the malware in the phase prior to the infection”.

At the global level, the family, the more active is Conficker. Rounding out the top 3 Locky and Sality. is In Spain the first three squares are for the Upatre, Conficker, and Nivdort.